The Scarlett Intervention: Step 1- Infiltrate

The Society decided to have a secondary meeting about 'The Scarlett Intervention' to further develop the plan.  The challenge is to publicly reprimand Mr. Henderson and the patron (drawing attention to the power of the Secret Society- (note: we must name the society before starting any action so as to “brand” activities!)), while not risking Scarlett’s job; the theatre she works for is part of the Empire wheel which tours the Western U.S. for forty weeks- very steady work for a performer.  So we decided that Scarlett would not be directly involved in the 'snare'.

First, we considered what we currently have to work with: we have among the members: costumers, a socialite, a detective, a photographer, and a writer.

  1. ALEXIA: Photographer- document the action in process. She has just acquired a revolutionary, small, watch spy camera- it takes up to 6 images.
  2. KATE: Detective- infiltrate and set up the snare!
  3. CLARA: Writer- report the despicable act  

Step 1:  Infiltrate.

  • Kate will go in undercover- dressed as a wealthy young gentleman.  I will assist her with the disguise.  She will attend the upcoming burlesque show and then approach Mr. Henderson about further ‘favors’ from the lovely Scarlett. 
  • Alexia will also attend the performance and photograph the meeting and outcome; she will also require a disguise.