LadyHawke Secret Society- First Meeting Notes.

I am encouraged! The first meeting was phenomenal and productive! The initial membership are women who have skills and contacts that will compliment each other!

We discussed the mission of the society (the Advancement of Women & Elimination of Tyrannical & Subjugating Employers), and unanimously agreed that the First Action of the Secret Society should be to SHOW ACTION! This will be the best strategic move- do something that creates a buzz, which will aid in the next Action- Fundraising!

We voted on an "intervention" for Scarlett, the dancer. Scarlett, a former student of the ballet arts, currently performs at the burlesque theatre.  One particular gentleman will not abide with the 'hands-off' policy and has been stalking Scarlett.  Her boss, Mr. Henderson, fails to reprimand the gentleman or provide sufficient protection;  it is suspected that Henderson is receiving payments to look the other way.
Course of Action- teach both Henderson and the touchy patron a lesson, but without jeopardizing Scarlett's job. Details to follow.

We will convene in one week, and take a vote on suggested name, secret gesture, and symbol for the Secret Society. ~LH